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July Pick Up Party ~ Brats & Basses

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Published: Saturday, June 14, 2014

Brats & Basses...

Join us for a very special July Pick Up Party

  Gary will be BBQ'ing brats and we will be featuring the Basses (and some Tenors) from the Temecula Valley Chorale.  This should be a really fun evening of food, wine, music and friends. 

We're asking for a $10 donation and all of the proceeds will go the Chorale in support of their outreach to talented local youth for vocal competitions and scholarships. 

(Temecula Valley Master Chorale - tax ID 33-0928024)


I'm sorry, but the July Pick Up Party is sold out. 


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June @ Woodworth Vineyards

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Published: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happening Now...

It's June and we have typical SoCal June weather.  Gloomy and grey in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.  All the flowers and trees are blooming, so there are lots of photo opportunities.







We finished picking avocados and it looks like we got a little over 100k lbs for the year.  Gary is already worried about having any fruit on the trees next year.  Most of the trees are so tall now that we have to use ladders to pick.














The Pinot Noir and the Pinot Gris are both in veraison.  This is when the berries begin to ripen, change color and to develop sugar.  It's also the time when the birds get interested.  So, we're netting this week.


The Perfect Summer Combo...

Nothing says summer like 'shrimp on the Barby' and Rose wine.  There are so many ways to make this combo work, but here are my two favorites.

Grilled Shrimp and Watermelon Salad


   This salad pairs perfectly with Golden Maggie, our Rose of Pinot Noir.  We published this recipe last year on our blog.  It's wonderful and will wow your guests. 

The shrimp is grilled with brown sugar and a spicy Cajun rub, while the salad includes watermelon, cucumbers, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and a balsamic vinegar dressing.  Check it out at:  Watermelon and Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp Boil

A Shrimp boil is great for a casual summer evening party.  Just spread your tables with newspaper and have plenty of napkins, butter, cocktail sauce and, of course, Golden Maggie.  Skip the plates and forks, just dig in with your fingers.


  • 2 lemons, halved, plus wedges for serving
  • 1/2 cup Old Bay Seasoning
  • 8 cloves garlic, smashed
  • 1 large red onion, quartered
  • 6 sprigs fresh thyme
  • 1 pound baby red potatoes
  • 4 ears corn, husked and snapped in half
  • 1 1/4 pounds large shrimp, unpeeled
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • Hot sauce, for serving (optional)


Fill a large pot with 4 quarts of water. Squeeze the lemon juice into the water and add the squeezed lemon halves. Add the Old Bay, garlic and onion. Tie the thyme sprigs together with kitchen twine

and add to the pot. Cover and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook about 5 minutes.

Add the potatoes to the pot and cook until just tender, about 10 minutes. Add the corn and cook 5 more minutes.

Meanwhile, slice along the back of each shrimp through the shells; remove the veins and rinse the shrimp. Add to the pot, cover and cook until the shrimp curl and are just opaque, 2 to 3 minutes.

Transfer the shrimp and vegetables with a slotted spoon or skimmer to a large platter, or if you are me, to the middle of a newspaper covered table.  Pour the Golden Maggie and dig in. 


It's Rose Wine Time....

It's hard to believe but even in this enlightened era, there are those that scoff at drinking a pink wine.  There is nothing better on a beautiful warm day than a glass of chilled Rose.  I prefer a dry Rose, but no matter what your preference, it is the sophisticated drink for the summer. 

Because Roses are served chilled, they are refreshing. They are also go with a variety of foods.   So, if you are opting for "surf 'n turf" a rosé can handle both the seafood and the steak in one fell sip. It's also a great picnic wine. It tends to have both a lighter body and more delicate flavors on the palate, so it is a great wine partner for a ham, chicken or roast beef sandwich, as well as a fruit, potato or egg salad. It can even handle a variety of chips and dips. Rosés are also the perfect guest for a backyard barbecue, pairing with hamburgers, hot dogs and even French fries and ketchup.

Here are a couple of interesting charts from 'Wine Folly'.  They can help you easily identify the Rose flavor characteristics you like from the color and the varietal.  Our Golden Maggie is made from 100% Pinot Noir and is considered a dry Rose.  It definitely has the 'fruity/floral' characteristics with aromas and flavors (and color) of raspberry and strawberry.   



July Pick Up Party ...

For information and to RSVP use this link:  BRATS & BASSES


Woodworth Uncorked...


If you are in Temecula on Thursday the 26th, come and join us at Crush & Brew.

  You don't need a reservation to come, but it will help us out if you let Candice know you are coming at

Summer White Sale...

Buy two bottles of Chardonnay, Golden Maggie or Sweet Sophie (any combo) and get 20% off.  This deal is available online only.  Free shipping for four or more bottles. 

Stock up for the summer!




Woof Notes...


We hope you enjoyed this month's Newsletter.  If so, please forward to a friend.  You can check us out at  Like us on Facebook and keep up with the latest news and checkout the facebook specials each month at



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Wine Tasting at Woodworth

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Published: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wine Tasting at Woodworth

 Make your reservation now for a unique tasting experience in beautiful De Luz.  Walk through the vineyards, enjoy the expansive views and taste five of Woodworth's award winning wines paired with selected artisan cheeses.













Tastings by Reservation for 4 or more people. $15/person for 5 wines paired with artisan cheese.  To check on availability and to make reservations, contact Marlene Woodworth at

In your note be sure and indicate the number of people, general timeframe and include your contact information.  In most cases we need at least one week's notice.

Hope to see you at Woodworth soon!

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May @ Woodworth Vineyards

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Published: Friday, May 09, 2014

Happening in the Vineyards...

May in the vineyards is just beautiful.  As usual every day is a little different with fog one day and heat the next.  We've finished one round of picking for the Avocados and should finish them up next month. We are doing vine training and thinning in the vineyards.







You can see the new fruit set on the Pinot vine to the left.  If you look close right in the middle of the picture, you can see the little Avocado BB's forming on the tree for next year. 


Last Chance for Blessing of the Vines...

The Blessing of the Vines is next Sunday, the 18th.  You can still get tickets through Tuesday the 13th.  So, if you've been putting it off, now is the time.



Hercules (finally) has a wine!

Herc's Field Blend is a unique blend of Albarino, Pinot Gris and Viognier. The vines were grown in a single vineyard and then the fruit was harvested, crushed, fermented and aged together. You will find it is crisp and clean, with notes of green apple and melon. It is a great summer wine with a lovely, crisp finish. 

This is my current favorite wine.  It's so fresh and lovely.  We will be releasing it in June, just in time for the summer.

You've got to love the label!  We've gone vintage on Golden Maggie and Sweet Sophie too.  These will be released a little later this summer.









Fun Rating System for Wines....

Our good friend ,Patrick Bartlett, has come up with a fun way to rate wines.  Normally there is a numeric system 90+ is a Gold, 80-89 Silver, etc.  I think this approach is much more descriptive and really communicates the important information you really want your friends to know.

Isn't this better than trying to figure out if a 91 is really that much better than an 89?


Tastings at Woodworth Vineyards...

We are now offering tastings by reservation here at our vineyards in De Luz.  If you have 6 or more friends you'd like to bring up, we'll put together a tasting of six of our wines paired with some wonderful cheeses from Temecula Cheese Company for just $15/person.  The views of De Luz are wonderful from our deck and patio, and we'll work with you to put together a fun afternoon with a tour of the vineyard and some wonderful cheese and wine. 







For information and to schedule a tasting, contact me at


Great Wine Gadgets...

I'm kind of a gadget freak, so when I saw these, knew I had to pass them on.

You can enjoy your favorite wine without pulling the cork with the Coravin system...Read More

This is a wine bottle thermometer on a band that fits around the bottle ... Read More

I think that this Tankard Wine Glass is pretty cool looking, and hard to tip over...Read More

You've gotta love this!  A wine stopper memory stick ... Read More


Woof Notes...



We hope you enjoyed this month's Newsletter.  If you did, please forward to a friend.  If you received this from a friend and would like to be on the Mailing List please use this link: Mailing List

Check us out at or on Facebook at


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March @ Woodworth

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Published: Monday, March 24, 2014

Happening in the Vineyards...

 Spring is here!  The vines are growing really fast and we did our initial spray for powdery mildew. The bees showed up one night last week and are busy pollinating the Avocados.  We finished harvesting Leucadendron and were able to pick our first bucket of Protea. 











The big thing that happened this month is that we grafted Pinot Noir on to 4 rows of Chardonnay.  Grafting is a really interesting process.  When we pruned in January, we saved some canes with buds.  They were kept in a cool environment in a box of sawdust.  We then cut off the Chardonnay vines at about 3 feet high and the buds were grafted on to the cut Chardonnay vines.  Here is a video that goes through the whole process.


Pinot, (And Other) Awards...

Gary and I had a great time at the 12th annual Pinot Summit in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.  It was at the Golden Gate Club at the Presidio...what a gorgeous place!  We came home with our Gold Medals and managed to surprise a lot of people that So Cal can grow good Pinot.  I had to make up a map to show where we are since no one could believe it.  Here are some pictures from the event.  Check out the view overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.






Since 2011, our little (very little) winery has won almost 70 medals in international competitions.  In 2013 &14 alone we have won 40 medals.  I think it's pretty amazing considering we only have 10 wines.  You gotta love that De Luz micro-climate.  If you are interested in seeing a list of the awards from the past few years, use this link:  MEDALS


Fromage Fort...

I recently had a dinner party and ended up with several different wedges of cheese left. Usually I just wrap them up and they eventually get eaten or thrown out. I ran across an article and recipe for Fromage Fort and it is the best!

Fromage Fort is translated as 'strong cheese' and it is a blend of whatever odds and ends of cheese you have with some wine, maybe some garlic, pepper and herbs…whatever you feel like. Softer cheese makes it creamy and harder cheeses can benefit from a pat of butter. You can age it for up to a week. You can spread your bread with Fromage Fort and put it under the broiler, or if it is soft, use it as a dip for breadsticks or crostini. The recipes are more like outlines, so basically you just wing it. My favorite way to cook.

Here is a recipe from 'Food and Wine' that you can use as a guideline. Again, just about anything goes. 

  • 1/2 pound cheese pieces
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1/4 cup dry white wine
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

Put about 1/2 pound of cheese pieces in the bowl of a food processor, add 1 garlic clove, about 1/4 cup of dry white wine and a big grinding of black pepper. Salt is usually not needed, but taste the mixture and add some if it is. Process for 30 seconds or so, until the mixture is creamy but not too soft, and then pack it into small containers. The fromage fort is ready to use now, either served cold or spread on bread and broiled for a few minutes. Broiling will brown the cheese and make it wonderfully fragrant.

Try your own version next time you are left with extra pieces of cheese.  The great news is it's great with a lot of different wines.


Blessing of the Vines...

 It's time for our 5th annual Blessing of the Vines.  Join us to kick off the 2014 vintage when we ask for a successful harvest and the safety of the workers.  Celebrate the new year with good food, wine, music and friends in beautiful De Luz.

  • Date: Sunday, May 18
  • Time: 2pm - 5pm
  • Location: Woodworth Vineyards, De Luz
  • Cost: $20 ~ Members, $30 ~ Non Members

To get your tickets use this link: BLESSING TICKETS


Woof Notes...

I'm resurrecting a Woof Note from a couple of years ago.  This always makes me smile.

How many dogs does it take to screw in a light bulb?


Hope you enjoyed this month's Newsletter.  If so, please forward to a friend. 

Check us out at  Like us on Facebook at

Gary & Marlene


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